Help Desk

Requesting support from any of the Park District support teams is easy. Simply select one of the departments below and fill out the support form. A ticket will automatically be generated and sent to all members of that team. Once received, a team member will will respond to your issue and ensure the matter is resolved.

Parks Support

For assistance with building maintenance issues.

Event Promotion, Publishing Support, & Media Alerts

Use this form to promote your feature event on the Park District website, Facebook, and twitter accounts, as well as other social media outlets and publications.

Finance Support

For assistance with such items as: Cash handling forms, procedures, and guidelines; customer/tenant/lessee billing and payments; contract billing; NSF checks; refunds; and other billing and revenue-related inquiries such as Travel forms, $ limits, procedures, and pre-approval; program budgets; account coding; account balance(s); budget development; budget vs. actual reports; transfer funds requests; and other budget-related inquiries.

Contracts Unit Support

For assistance with all Form 11’s, Contracts, Agreements, Right’s of Entry, MOU’s, or any other binding documents that require the signature of a District representative.

Grants Support

Request Grants Support with this form

Intern Request Support

Begin the Intern Request Process with this form

Purchasing Support

For assistance with such items as: placing an order/order status; forms, procedures, and status for bids, quotes, purchase orders, and contracts; blanket accounts; commodity purchases; supply services; equipment, and public works purchases; printing services; purchasing authority/limits; and other purchasing-related inquiries.

Technical Support

For Computer, Printer, Desk Phone, Cell Phone, Email, & Basecamp Support.