Who We Are

Riverside County Parks is the common name often used to refer to the Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District (District). Many programs are operated under the three Bureaus which include: Parks and Recreation Bureau, Resources Bureau, and the Business Operations Bureau. Executive Administration is handled by the General Manager/Parks Director and the Executive Assistant, and each of the Bureaus are led by the assigned Chiefs, who are also part of the Executive Management team. The District’s focus encompasses providing high-quality recreational opportunities and preserving important features of the County’s natural, cultural, and historical heritage.

Business Operations Bureau

The Business Operations Bureau is comprised of several Divisions and Units performing the following core functions:

FINANCE: The purpose of the Park District Finance Division is to provide timely financial reports and analyses, effective purchasing services, and administrative support so District Management can make fiscal and organizational decisions for optimal use of District resources. The division is made up of the following Units:

  • Accounting: The Accounting Unit manages fixed assets, billing, receivables, payables, and payroll. The division performs regular reconciliations and analyses, and assists with the District’s annual external audit and preparation of its financial statements.
  • Budget: The Budget Unit oversees the budgeting process and assists with operational planning. The Unit manages the preparation and monitoring of the District’s annual budget, cash management, and long-range financial planning. It advises other District divisions on financial conditions and their budget status, assists with special budgetary requests, and reviews all Board agenda items that have District financial impact.
  • Purchasing: The Purchasing Unit is responsible for managing all procurement activities of the District, including RFPs/RFQs, competitive pricing surveys, contracts, purchase orders, the County’s Procurement Card program, transfer and disposal of surplus property, and the delivery and pick up of purchased goods.

CIP/GRANT ADMINISTRATION: The CIP/Grant Administration Division is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, and tracking of grants and coordination of the capital improvement program as it relates to funding, budgeting, and fiscal reporting.

HUMAN RESOURCES/PERSONNEL: The HR/Personnel Division is responsible for the processing of all new hires and terminations of District employees, recruitment and selection tracking, benefit administration, FMLA and leave of absence requests, performance evaluation tracking, and interactions with County HR.

CONTRACTS: The Contracts Division is responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and tracking of all District contracts and agreements. This Division is also responsible for the evaluation, modification, and standardization of all District contract templates as well as form 11 preparation and submittal.

SECURITY AND HEADQUARTERS MAINTENANCE:The Safety and Security Division is responsible for monitoring District Headquarters facility access, maintaining the Facility Emergency Action Plan, coordinating emergency drills, and ensuring staff CPR and First Aid certifications are current.

VOLUNTEER SERVICES: The Volunteer Services Division is responsible for planning, developing, directing, and monitoring the District’s volunteer program. This includes recruitment, placement, and organizing annual appreciation events as well as providing technical assistance, training, and guidance to employees and volunteers who supervise volunteers.

MARKETING: The Marketing Division is responsible for promoting all District parks, programs and services utilizing innovative and low-cost advertising and public communications opportunities. The Marketing Division manages graphic design, photography, website design and management, press releases, and a variety of customer outreach.

ADMINISTRATION: The Administration Division is responsible for a variety of core functions such as policy creation and review, records retention, managing IT agreements and services, developing and providing training for District staff with a focus on building a sustainable culture of continuous learning and excellence, and administering the District’s student internship program.

Parks and Recreation Bureau

The Parks and Recreation Bureau comprises several Divisions providing the following core functions:

REGIONAL PARKS: The Regional Parks Division comprises eight regional parks that offer a variety of amenities, including RV, tent and equestrian campgrounds, fishing, picnic areas, amphitheaters, multi-purpose paths, playgrounds and more. These parks span between Blythe on the eastern end of the county, to Jurupa Valley on the western end, and range in size and overall amenities.

SPORTS: The Sports Division is responsible for the operations of two sports facilities in the Jurupa Valley area, including the new Jurupa Valley Regional Sports Park and the Jurupa Valley Boxing Club.

SPECIAL EVENTS: The Special Events Division is responsible for planning, promoting and implementing District regional events, as well as reaching out to community partners to utilize District parks and recreation facilities to host public and private events.

  • Crestmore Manor:The Crestmore Manor Unit of Special Events is responsible for promoting the use of Crestmore Manor, including The Carriage House, as a premiere banquet venue.

RESERVATIONS: The Reservations Division is an administrative support unit to Regional Parks which processes camping reservations via a call center. The Reservations Unit manages the online reservations system and processes all refund and credit requests in addition to providing analytical reports that assist with marketing efforts. It also serves as the hub for the main phone line for the District.

Resources Bureau

The Resources Bureau consists of three Divisions: Preservation & Education, Natural Resources, and Planning & Construction.

PRESERVATION & EDUCATION: This group is dedicated to stewardship of District cultural and historic resources. Interpretive staff is equally focused on natural history and environmental education.

NATURAL RESOURCES: The Natural Resources staff guides and executes District management of significant natural resources throughout the park system. Further, Natural Resources staff provides habitat management for over 25,000 additional acres in compliance with Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plans.

PLANNING & CONSTRUCTION: Planning staff is involved with current planning and long-range planning for District goals and objectives. Planning staff is instrumental in Capital Programs and Project Management.